July 28th - Kipyn Martin

Emerging songwriter Kipyn Martin couples simple truth with uncomplicated melody. She has earned Gold awards in recent Mid-Atlantic Song Contests, as well as the Washington Area Music Association (WAMMIE) Award for New Artist of the Year. Kipyn possesses an authentic Americana voice which can currently be heard throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. 

July 7th  - ChillBillies

Josh Anderson and John Duke have spent years cultivating a unique sound which incorporates aspects of classic country, bluegrass, and newgrass genres. Their deep connection to Americana music shines through in their versatile style.

Sept 8th - John Lee & The Wafflers

John grew up listening to his dad's Hank Williams and Johnny Cash records. From there the musical road led him to, among others Dylan and the Dead. Not surprising. They grew up listening to Hank and Johnny too. John is part of the acoustic band The Wafflers.

July 21 - Hayley Fahey

A prolific singer-songwriter, with a voice that captivates audiences: soulful, sweet, powerful. She is a multi-instrumentalist, and has a presence onstage that lights up a room. She draws influence from country, blues and folk, infusing storytelling and appealing to emotion. Hayley’s expertly crafted music and passionate live performances moves music lovers of all ages and makes for a

memorable experience at every show.​

May 26th  - ilyAIMI

"A welcome jolt in folk" and "An acoustically roiling, combustible attack on the usual singer/songwriter fare"

June 30  - Sara & Levi

Sarah & Levi are an acoustic duo from Morgantown, Wv. Their warm tones of the banjo and guitar bring folk, classic rock, and old time tunes alive. Bluegrass with a soulful twist. Both are award winning musicians with an eclectic taste. A vibrant, yet soothing experience for listeners!

Sept 1st - Herd of Main Street

Husband and wife duo Peter and Gena McKibben front the Baltimore band Herd of Main Street. Peter, the group's main songwriter is more well versed in musical traditions than most four times his age. Gena is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, who enjoys taking on unusual musical roles, such as lead guitar and pedal steel guitar.  Story songs, classic honky tonk, and southern rock influence this duo's original, yet classic sound. 

June 16  - Seneca

Seneca is a small Hive-Mind band from Poolesville, MD.  
A category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. Killer blue grass and experimental folk!

July 14 - Tony McGuffin

Tony McGuffin has been a folksinger since he was a kid. Many of the old folk songs were new when he first started out! And he takes his folksinging seriously. Not only that, Tony won a hundred dollars one time, first place prize at a songwriting contest, at the world famous Palomino Club in North Hollywood.  ​​

Love Folk, Bluegrass, Americana and Roots music?

This is the event for you! 

Every Friday May 19th - Sept 8th. 6:30pm - 8:30pm​

Aug 25th  - Tongue in Cheek

Founder and banjo player Zach Serleth, who conceived the idea, was born with the musicologist gene. As such, his ear and heart are drawn to the distant strains of a bygone era; he haunts the dusty shop of musical curiosities where he seeks to resurrect odd songs and highlight old forgotten performers. 

June 23 - Kelly Secret & Marc Jacobs

​Line Up 2017

August 11th - Jeremy Gillis

Playing since mid-1980's, Teaching since 1991. Background in Rock & Jazz while BA from Towson is in Music Ed/Classical Guitar. *Former students include current Peabody faculty as well as guitaists of Kelly Bell Band, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, The Generics and Fake Flowers/Real Dirt.

June 2  - Hall Williams

Hall Williams is a singer songwriter, guitar player,producer and self appointed social activist.His music is SPARKLY a combination of funk,Jam,Soul ,and Gospel.

August 18 - Kelly Secret & Marc Jacobs

August 4th - Anderson Brothers

Brothers Jason and Josh Anderson began playing music together in the Summer of 2006.  Primarily inspired by roots, blues, and funk music, Jason’s guitar and vocals and Josh’s violin have been heard together in several Maryland bands, currently, the Soul Island Rebels. As an acoustic duo, Josh and Jason express their individual influences in their playing, while maintaining their own original style.

May 19th  - Colamiles

At the end of 2011, Colin Bickley moved to Ellicott City.  Less than a week later, a massive flash flood put his home and music studio five feet underwater.  From that tragedy, he turned to form Colamiles.  After many years of playing in bands in Los Angeles, Colamiles was the arena for Colin to express a more unified, personal, and intimate voice. 

June 9  - Strings Attached

Strings Attached, an all girl bluegrass band that knows how to entertain!  The band enjoys putting their bluegrass twist on covers while writing their own music too!   Members include Morgan Dice (violin), Erika Seth (vocals & guitar), and Dee Lenehan (bass)